Your voice and your views inspire us to campaign locally and nationally to improve the lives of the people we support.

Our campaigns are led by you

We work closely with our clients, self-advocates and family groups to learn about the issues that matter to you.

We also identify key issues by engaging with community groups, educators, employers, local authorities and the NHS through our surveys, forums and hustings.

With our unique insights, we can investigate the impact of the issues we have identified. We then agree a plan of action and ensure that our campaigns reach the people who can influence change.

Removing barriers and improving lives

I enjoy sharing my views and my personal experience to make a difference.

— MK

Support Community ConneX

Your donation could bring someone out of social isolation, help support autistic people, people with a learning disability, and their families. We also use your donations to provide disadvantaged children and young person with opportunities to develop themselves and grow.