World Mental Health Day 2023

10 October 2023

To celebrate World Mental Health Day 2023, Community ConneX staff have shared their tips for better mental health.

What is good mental health?

We know that regular exercise and a balanced diet helps us to have good physical health. But what about good mental health? What is it and how do we exercise our minds?

Good mental health is about feeling content, resilient, and able to cope with life’s challenges. Good mental health is also linked to better physical health outcomes, including a stronger immune system and lower risk of chronic diseases.

2 people are sitting back to back in a field. The woman has her arms raised.

Naturally happy at Community ConneX

Being close to nature helps many of our colleagues to feel happy. Nature walks, swimming in lakes and simply being aware of the sky, trees and the natural environment can cleanse your thoughts.

And where better to practise stress-reduction techniques like deep breathing than in the great outdoors? If you can’t visit an area of natural beauty, why not try gardening? Our staff say that handling soil and plants helps them to release tension.

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Positive relationships

Having a supportive network of friends and family can help you feel better about yourself. Our teams at Community ConneX echo NHS advice to connect with other people. One colleague says that spending time with their niece and nephew helps them to achieve good mental health.

You don’t have to be related to people to get support from them. Some team members find positivity in coming to work at Community ConneX where they share and exchange pleasantries with their co-workers.

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Build emotional resilience

One way to describe emotional resilience is being able to bounce back from setbacks. You can build emotional resilience by looking for positive outcomes in challenging situations. But developing inner strength is easier said than done.

A Community ConneX colleague suggests a far less demanding way of dealing with adversity. Their method is simple: have a good cry.

Don’t view crying as a sign of weakness. Research shows that when we cry, we release ‘happy’ hormones that can lower our blood pressure and make us healthier.

Woman is upset. A comforting hand can be seen on her shoulder.

Why self-care matters

Self-care means more than being clean, fed and housed. Self-care helps you achieve good mental health by taking action to feel good about yourself. For example, a Community ConneX team member says, “I keep going by putting one front in front of the other – at the same time being really kind to myself.” Meanwhile, their colleague is motivated by seeing other people succeed in life.

Whether you do something active or calming, whether you self-reflect or prefer to reach out to somebody else, here are 12 tips from Community ConneX staff to boost your mental health.



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