Working behind the scenes: meet our Group Services Department

10 June 2021

Community ConneX is a busy organisation, supporting people across the London boroughs of Harrow, Hillingdon, and Brent, as well as other areas.

Serving the community is no easy feat. Although, our work is often visible with our activities in the community, and we have an immense impact on people’s lives, carrying out our role effectively requires strategic planning and organisation from behind the scenes.

This is where our Group Services Department comes in. The department consists of 3 teams:

Who coordinates our people and workforce planning?

Our Human Resources unit is charged with making sure we have the right talent pool so we can function effectively as an organisation and meet our obligations to the people we serve. Hiring the right people and supporting them through the entire employee life-cycle to reach their full potential and develop their skill sets, as well as maintaining their wellbeing is a critical part of this duty. Creating the right work climate, engagement with our people to gain strategic advantage, embedding policies and procedures, rewarding, and recognising our staff for superior performance and managing personnel records among others fall within responsibilities of the HR Department.

The team also has an important legal and management role. HR produce critical policies and procedures that inform all stakeholders whether clients and their families, volunteers, or staff about what they can expect from the organisation. This can include how we protect their rights and privacy with our GDPR policy, how we listen to their complaints and improve our services accordingly, and how we ensure best practice.

In addition, HR is charged with encouraging staff and volunteers to adopt our values wholeheartedly, so we continue to be a service provider and campaigning organisation that:

HR have also been instrumental in our response to the Covid-19 pandemic. From what to do when you enter one of our locations, to eliminating the risk of contracting the virus while keeping the entire workplace comfortable and compliant. The team have led the way on developing and implementing new working practices that have helped make our workplace safe and resilient in line with the dynamism and flexibility required in post Covid-19 work environment.

Shared Services

The Shared Services team also plays a key role in keeping Community ConneX functioning smoothly. The team handles key organisational responsibilities that we all rely on, from buying to administration, allowing us to run efficiently on a daily basis. During the pandemic in particular the team have provided a valuable service, facilitating our procurement of PPE, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitiser and Covid-19 tests to ensure our staff are suitably equipped to support clients effectively and safely.


One of our Finance Team’s main responsibilities is to strategically manage our financial resources and ensure we remain viable. At a time, many charity organisations have gone under due to lack of funds, our team of experts have worked tirelessly to ensure we continue to meet our obligations to stakeholders through efficiency, prudent use of resource and creating multiple income streams to keep us strong and reliable.

Finance also plays a critical role in ensuring that our staff have the supplies that they need to run our lifechanging services. During the Covid-19 pandemic especially, Finance have been funding our development of new services through providing various resources and cutting-edge technology to drive our services. These new arrangements could not have gone ahead without the support of the Finance Team.


Our Communications Team’s main role is keeping Community ConneX on message. The team maintains our multiple communication channels including digital ones such as social media, our website, email lists and newsletters, and print ones, such as flyers, banners, and our annual review.

This is crucial for ensuring our clients, their families, our volunteers, staff, partner organisations and the wider community are aware of what our organisation is doing to improve people’s lives and what support we can offer them. Many people look to us for confidence and clarification of key messages including our own as well as the Government’s Covid-19 guidelines and relaying important messages from the local council and NHS services.

In doing this, the team helps drive our equality and inclusion agenda by preparing easy read documents to help people with a learning disability and those who speak English as a second language understand complex information.

In line with our campaign, the team’s work also involves giving a voice and much needed recognition to the people we support as well as those who support us.

Our Communications colleagues do this by meeting and interviewing our clients, volunteers and others and showcasing their success stories, achievements, and milestones, with blogs, social media posts, videos, images, and news items, to empower and encourage those individuals to keep striving and benefiting themselves and the wider community.

In addition to telling individuals’ stories, the team also take time to visit our services and events to share the important highlights of all that we do at our busy organisation. When the Communications Team is busy, you can be sure that the rest of Community ConneX is busy too!

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