Why you should become a People ConneX volunteer

11 May 2022

Becoming a People ConneX volunteer is a great way to make new friends and help others at the same time. You can put your spare time to good use and you can learn new skills.

What does a People ConneX volunteer do?

Some of our volunteers help with fundraising by collecting money at local supermarkets. Other volunteers help out at community events such as lunches, shows, talks and trips.

If you enjoy nature or gentle exercise, why not volunteer to accompany People ConneX members on walks? People ConneX volunteers also help out by taking leaflets to libraries, shops and local businesses.

Would I make a good People ConneX volunteer?

Anybody who has these values could become a valuable member of the the People ConneX team.

Empathy: you know that people feel lonely and you understand it’s important to bring people together.

Adaptability: you find it easy to help everybody. You know how to work alongside people with different needs from different backgrounds.

Responsibility: people can rely on you to do the things you have agreed to do.

I want to find out more about volunteering

Call Jeremy Child, the manager of People ConneX. His phone number is 07734 955 115. You could email Jeremy at jeremy.child@communityconnex.co.uk

Remember to tell Jeremy what sort of help you can offer and how much time you can spare every week or every month.

Support Community ConneX

Your donation could bring someone out of social isolation, help support autistic people, people with a learning disability, and their families. We also use your donations to provide disadvantaged children and young person with opportunities to develop themselves and grow.

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