Transport Consultation: Harrow Parent Carer Forum and Harrow SENDIAS

17 January 2022

Do you have an opinion on transport? Have your say with the Harrow Parent Carer Forum and Harrow SENDIAS

The Harrow Parent Carer and Harrow SENDIAS want to hear from you, they have the shared the message below:

Harrow Parent Carer Forum and Harrow SENDIAS have been invited to contribute to a review of transport arrangements for children and young people with SEN. Harrow Council have engaged Chris and Alison from an external organisation, SEND4Change (with whom we have positively worked before) to facilitate the review. SEND4Change will explore whether families in Harrow can
identify new innovative local transport solutions which will improve ways of getting our children to school. 
The review is seeking to identify and develop opportunities to provide a transport service that:

The aim of this engagement activity is to see whether we can identify at least five new innovative ideas which can be tested in Harrow. Families and young people will be invited to engage in a conversation and discuss:

A really good aspect of this engagement activity is that the
starting point is with families. A number of dates for meetings have been
agreed with SEND4Change at which families can describe their experiences and
explore any new ideas that they may have. There are a couple of options for
parents and carers to meet with SEND4Change and contribute.  The dates are
as follows:
Thursday, 20 January at 7.00 pm: A virtual meeting for parents and carers to meet with Chris and Alison from SEND4Change. Details for logging onto the meeting will be circulated nearer the time.
Friday 21, January at 10.00 am: A face to face meeting for parents and carers to meet with Chris and Alison from SEND4Change at the parent carer forum coffee morning. There will also be the opportunity for those families who prefer to participate virtually, to join the meeting by Zoom. Log on details will follow.
There will also be the chance for young people to contribute separately and it is intended to hold three specific focus groups relating to
young people attending Mainstream schools, Colleges and special schools at which SEND4Change will talk to young people directly. However, it would be helpful if, in the meantime, you could take the opportunity to talk to your children about their transport arrangements and whether they have any ideas about how these could be improved or done differently.
Chris and Alison from SEND4Change have provided the following message to be circulated to parents and carers:
“We are really looking forward to working with Harrow’s families. Having worked with families all over the country we never cease to be
amazed at how creative and constructive families can be in generating new ideas and new ways of working. Where local councils listen to the lived experience of families and seek ways of improving the service offer based on the experience of families, we know that positive change can happen. 
Ideas generated by families will be taken forward by family representatives to be presented at further meetings which will be held in
February at which representatives from the local authority, schools and service providers will attend. Any ideas generated will be only be taken forward with the agreement of families. These ideas will be progressed on the basis that they will enhance the transport service which families receive and will be beneficial to families.  After we have sought the views of a wider group of stakeholders, we hope to identify a number of projects where we can carry out small scale “experiments” to test the effectiveness of the new proposals.
We have no fixed ideas,  we have no hidden agenda and we are genuinely open to the ideas of Harrow’s families. We very much look forward to meeting with you and exploring your ideas further.”

So …. put a date in your diary and keep an eye out for details about how you can participate and join a meeting. Have a think about how the service could be improved as we are keen to complete a comprehensive engagement exercise which prioritises the views and needs of families and young people.
We will circulate more specific details nearer the time.
Vicky Leech (Harrow Parent Carer Forum Chair)
Mariya Zlatinova  Harrow SENDIAS Services Manager 

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