The Care Act and Community ConneX

16 June 2022

The Care Act was passed in 2014. You might have heard Community ConneX team members saying they ‘work with Care Act’, but do you know what this means?

Background to the Care Act

Before 2014, different government departments were responsible for different areas of health and social care. This system was not standardised across the UK. This meant that in some parts of the country people’s health and social care needs were not being met.

The Care Act gave local authorities, such as Harrow Council, the responsibility for providing the right kind of care for people living in their areas. For the first time in 60 years, local authorities were required by law to involve people in decisions about their own care.

Changes after 2014

Wellbeing principles underpin the Care Act. Therefore, after 2014, councils had a duty to look after people’s mental and emotional health. For example, unpaid carers were now entitled to more support – anyone with a caring responsibility who was not paid for the care they provided became eligible for a Carers Needs Assessment.

The Care Act: 3 main responsibilities of local authorities

  1. Local authorities must offer services that prevent a person’s condition from getting worse.
  2. Local authorities must make sure that information and advice about any health or social care needs is given to anyone who asks for it.
  3. Local authorities must provide high quality services that are suitable for the people who need them.

Advocacy 1st and the Care Act

Advocacy 1st supports you if need to use any of these local authority processes:

Our advocates ensure that you are fully involved and informed throughout the whole of the process and that your views are considered when key decisions are being made.

The same level of support is available for adult carers and young carers (aged 8–18) through Brent Gateway. We offer peer support networks, information and advice, events and activities. Brent Gateway also advocates for carers to be heard and have their rights upheld.

Information and Advice and the Care Act

Information and Advice is another service provided by Community ConneX to ensure that Harrow Council and Brent Council carry out their responsibilities under the Care Act.

On a daily basis, the Information and Advice team take calls and answer emails from members of the public. They help with queries ranging from housing issues to debt advice. Information and Advice is not a medical helpline, but they can advise you on who you should be speaking to if you have health concerns.

Our team members handle all calls with sensitivity; their number is 0208 869 8484

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