Syed: “the best Santa ever”

20 January 2022

An interview with our volunteer Syed

During our People ConneX winter festival, Syed volunteered to play Father Christmas in our three festive shows. He was very popular and the Mayor of Hillingdon said Syed was the best Santa he had ever seen.

In the new year, Syed sat down with the volunteer team, who interviewed him about his experience.

Jeremy asked What is your Secret for playing Father Christmas so well?   

Syed. I feel so jolly and people around me make me happy.

Julia asked How many presents did you give out this Xmas?

50 tins of sweets to all at Pinner Green and sweets to everybody attending my Christmas Shows

Michael asked Do you always give out sweets at Christmas?

This year Milly Monkey supported me with sweets but sometimes other things too.

Charlotte asked. What is your favourite part of being Father Christmas in the shows?

Singing the lovely Christmas Carols especially Snowy ones Mark

What is your favourite music?

Elton John Step Into Christmas as well as Carols. I also love Abba, George Michael, Rod Stewart and Phil Collins.

James asked What do u do rest of the year when not Father Christmas?

Currently about to change into Easter Bunny and get hold of Easter Eggs for everybody and then prepare for next Christmas.

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