People ConneX Winter Festival Roundup

31 December 2021

Here at Community ConneX we had an exceptionally busy festive period. Our People ConneX team was no exception, and hosted lots of events including three Christmas shows across Harrow, Hillingdon and Watford.

4 December – Fundraiser Lunch at Wealdstone Methodist Church Launches People ConneX Pre-Christmas Programme

Our volunteers Helen Ryley, her husband Richard, Irfan Siddique and Audrey kicked off our winter events festival with a fundraising lunch in partnership with our friends from Wealdstone Methodist Church who provided a selection of meals, teas, coffees, and homemade cakes.

We were delighted to have over 25 people come and support the event which raised an amazing £145 for Community ConneX! 

Our team enjoyed engaging with so many different people from the church, some of whom had previously been isolated during the pandemic.

We would like to offer our sincere thanks to Helen for taking the initiative and donating so much food. It really is gratefully appreciated.

Remembering dear friends

The People ConneX team ran three Christmas shows dedicated to the late Lorna Cotes who passed away at the age of 91 in October. Lorna was a beautiful singer in all our performances from 2014-2020. 

The team are so pleased that her family are staying involved with our organisation and we thank you them so much for their support. The team also remembered another late volunteer, Jeremy Davies. Jeremy was the perfect gentleman, there to offer nothing but a perfect and kind service to all at our organisation as it was. 

We sincerely thank his lovely wife Catherine, daughter Bridget and sister in law Sarah who most generously organised a beautiful Christmas Lunch Fund Raising Event Sunday December 19 attended by 23 people and is doing another Sunday February 28.

10 December – Christmas Show at Fairfield Church

A team of People ConneX volunteers, clients and staff put on the first of their three festive at Fairfield Church in Northwood Hills, Hillingdon. The show included Christmas carols, poems, sweets, speeches from special guests, visits from Santa Claus and more, topped off with lunch.

14 December – David Brown’s 60th Birthday

Our team had a fab time celebrating the 60th birthday of our long-time client and volunteer David Brown at one of our regular Tuesday community lunches at St John’s Church, Harrow.

The group really enjoyed seeing such a great turnout for David. Over 30 people including his sister Julie from Dorset, and his good friend of many years Michael joined the celebration. 

In addition to celebrating his birthday, the team also shared details of all that David has achieved from his volunteering for People ConneX, especially the interesting presentations he gives on different topics at events.


We hope you had a great day David, we’re looking forward to celebrating with you again next year!

15 December – Christmas Show St Paul’s Church

At the second Christmas Show, the People ConneX team had the pleasure of welcoming the Mayor of Hillingdon Cllr Roy Chamdal and Community ConneX CEO Deven Pillay at St Paul’s Church in Ruislip, Hillingdon, both of whom gave speeches.

After the show, Mayor Roy Chamdal said: 

“Fantastic performance given by all at the Community ConneX Christmas show, I enjoyed it immensely. Janet reminded us of Christmas past with her poem while Janine delivered a solo performance which was outstanding. 

James’ poem told us of all the activities of Community ConneX, and really impressive performances by Tim, Julia, Gillian, Jeremy, Neil, Josephine with Jill leading. The highlight for me was meeting Father Christmas aka Syed who not only recited a poem but had a huge smile throughout the morning and gave me a present. God bless and have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.”

16 December – Carols at St Martin’s Church

On 16 December, a group of 10 clients and volunteers from People ConneX were joined by our friends from St Martin’s Church for a personalised Carol Service in the church hall, uniquely put together by Father Yaro.

Some members of the group, including Michael, David Stephens, Gillian and Julia particularly enjoyed this session ahead of putting on their own Community ConneX Christmas Shows. 

After Father Yaro’s own choices, the group were allowed to select their favourite Christmas songs and shared their reasoning behind it.

Following on from the carols, the group sat down for lunch including barbeque chicken and brussels sprout rolls with tomatoes, mince pies and pastries.

We would also like to thank Father Yaro for organising a collection for us on Sunday 19 December  which raised £150. 

Jeremy then gave a Christmas quiz before most of the group took the bus back to Pinner Green for an inclusive, guided chair yoga session.

21 December – Christmas Show at St John’s Church

The team’s third and final show took place at St John’s Church in Harrow.

Our guest of honour was the Mayor of Harrow, Cllr Ghazanfar Ali.

After the show, Mayor Ghazanfar Ali said:

“It was a great pleasure to attend Community ConneX’s festive show. I would like to congratulate the whole team on another year of fantastic work improving the lives of people across the borough. Wishing you all a happy and restful holiday break.”

23 December – Finale Buffet and Walk

The team topped off their pre-Christmas Programme with 18 coming together at Northwood Methodist Church for a final buffet meal, after a lovely country walk.

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