Learning Disability Week 2024

17 June 2024

This week we will post highlights every day to show how we are celebrating Learning Disability Week 2024.

Do you include me?

Friday 21 June. Inclusion should be embedded in all our interactions with other people. To be included means that you have been seen, listened to and understood.

People of different abilities and backgrounds are sitting on chairs; they are facing a woman who seems to be leading them in an activityAll together now!

A man and woman are dancing together; another man to the right of the image is playing the guitar. There are other people on chairs in the backgroundEverybody dance now!

In a rural setting, one woman is helping another woman to step onto a wooden bridgeLean on me.

A man with a collection box is in front of a Community ConneX banner. A woman to the left of the image appears to be donating moneyMore donations bring more opportunities to include more people.

Three people are in a line at the beach. They have their arms raised above their headsInclusion means reaching out (and up).

A man has his arms raise above his head and has joined his hand to make a heart shape; the sun is setting in the backgroundWe are all part of the whole.

four people are holding each others shoulders in a chain; the person at the front is in a wheelchairNo such thing as a weak link.

Do you hear me?

Thursday 20 June. We want to be heard. Are you willing to listen?

Two men are at a museum. They are in front of a display and are listening to a description of the display item on ear piecesYou’re close enough to hear, but is your focus miles away when it isn’t Learning Disability Week?

A person is wearing an elephant mask. You cannot see the person's face or neck.Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: your expectations and your listening skills.

A man is on the left and has earpods in. His eyes are closed. A woman to the right of the image is shouting in his left ear.Yes I can hear you. But am I listening?

Two men are holding devices. They are listening to something on their devices. One man is looking at the other man who appears not to be paying him attentionSo many messages during Learning Disability week; are we hearing the same thing?

Will you work with me?

Wednesday 19 June. We all want to work to the best of our abilities; and we can if we’re given the chance to do so.

A woman to the left of the image is steadying a work bench; a man is wearing protective gloves and goggles to saw some wood on the work bench

Two men are sitting in front of a wall of flowers; they are high-fivingTeamwork makes the dream work!

A woman and a man are sitting at a table where they are completing an activityWorking out what works for us at our Learning Disability and Autism Forum yesterday.

4 people are sitting around a table. They are looking at an activity on the table; one of the men is holding up a card with a picture of a broccoli stemWorking out what to have for lunch.

Two men are at an allotment; they are both pushing a lawnmower down a slopeBackseat drivers!

A woman on the left of the image is holding out a small device; a man and woman are facing her. They are holding clipboards.Work with us: we have skills and drive (and our own clipboards).

A woman to the left of the image is steadying a work bench; a man is wearing protective gloves and goggles to saw some wood on a work benchWe ‘saw’ how hard Matthew works.

Do you understand me?

Tuesday 18 June. All it takes to achieved better understanding is the will to do so.

A man is in a gift shop. He is holding a box

A group of people are looking at a street map in LondonThe importance of knowing where you are – in London and in life!

A woman is painting a yellow infinity symbolInfinity: what’s not to understand?

A woman and a man are sitting on a bench. The man is patting the woman's shoulder to comfort herWe all need people who understand us.

Left to right: a woman is holding a drink with her thumbs up; a taller woman is holding a drink with her thumbs up; another woman is holding both thumbs up; a man is holding a box which has model pieces of the Tower of LondonTwo words we all understand: gift shop!

Two women appear to be confused in front of a museum display of the human brainI think I understand …

A man has a confused expression in front of a museum display of pink objects… But I’m not sure!


Do you see me?

Monday 17 June. What does it feel like to be seen only for your disability when there is so much more to discover?

Photo of woman. Text reads Click here to watch the video


Man wearing a headdress; he is covering one eyeThe frustration when people only see your disability.

3 men are on an escalator; another man is rushing ahead of themYou see me, but you push past me.

A man and woman are looking at a tablet deviceSee what I mean?

a man and woman hold up paintings based on art by MondrianIn life and art we all see things differently.

three people are standing around a giant blue and white sculpture in a park

More from us tomorrow: see you then!

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