Learning Disability & Autism Survey for citizens and their families and carers

02 September 2021

Dear Citizen,

Harrow Council and the North West London Clinical Commissioning Group are working jointly to refresh the Learning Disabilities and Autism (LD and ASD) strategy. To do this it is important to hear the views of those who use the services, need access to services or, care for someone who uses the services or, are working professionally to support an individual to access and use available services.

Going forward the strategy will influence the services that are commissioned to meet the needs of Harrow citizens. Please use this opportunity to share your views and influence how services are provided and developed.

Due to the pandemic, it has been difficult, to hold face to face meetings, however, if you have or are part of a group that meet and would like the commissioners to hear what you have to say, please let us know.

We have developed 3 surveys, depending upon the age of the person accessing services, please click on the appropriate link to complete.

You will have the chance to complete the survey between 1st September until 22nd September 2021. If you need any help to complete, please ask a friend, family member or support worker. Please share this survey as appropriate and provide support to those who may need it to help complete it.

Your voice matters, we want to hear your views.

Thank you.

Mital & Lennie

Mital Vagdia

Senior Strategic Commissioning Manager


Lennie Dick

Head of Joint Commissioning for Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Autism

NHS North West London Clinical Commissioning Group


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