Harrow Hustings

18 April 2022

Have your say at the Community ConneX Hustings

We are holding a hustings on Tuesday 26 April. The hustings will allow people who live in Harrow to find out more about the candidates standing in the Local Elections 2022.

The Labour Party, the Conservative Party and the Liberal Democrats will send representatives to our hustings at Harrow Baptist Church, College Road, Harrow HA1 1BA. Each party will have the opportunity to explain why you should elect their candidates to Harrow Council on Thursday 5 May.

This hustings is an opportunity for you to tell candidates about the issues that are important to you. Remember, Harrow Council is voted in by you and works for you. Therefore, you have the right to ask local politicians how they will help you in your daily life. Perhaps you’re concerned about crime, or education, or housing – these are just some of the areas that councillors need to focus on.

Different ways to have your say

After the candidates have spoken, the floor is open to you. This means that you can ask candidates questions and tell them about your views. If you prefer, you can ask a volunteer from Community ConneX to ask a question on your behalf – we are there to help you to have your say.

You can also email us a question or statement. Your question can be general or specific. It can be for all the parties, or for only one party. We will read your email out at the hustings. Email Sandy: sandy.bowman@communityconnex.co.uk (please mention whether you would like to have your name read out or not).

Listening to you

The support that Community ConneX gives to people who have learning disabilities and to people who have autism enables us to identify many areas where the local council should be working harder.

After listening to our clients and the people who support them, we wrote Making Harrow Learning Disability and Autism Friendly. This brochure highlights why services in our community should be improved. You can read the brochure at the hustings next week, where we hope you’ll find some ideas to help you raise your voice.

Support Community ConneX

Your donation could bring someone out of social isolation, help support autistic people, people with a learning disability, and their families. We also use your donations to provide disadvantaged children and young person with opportunities to develop themselves and grow.

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