Harrow Health Walks

16 January 2023

Harrow Health Walks are free and give residents an opportunity to walk regularly in a relaxed and friendly environment and to enjoy some beautiful green spaces. The walks are led by qualified leaders, who encourage you to walk at your own pace.

David House talks about Harrow Health Walks

David House is a qualified walk leader. I spoke with him to find out more about a project that is open to all.

How did you find out about Harrow Health Walks and what encouraged you to take part?

David: I found out through a work colleague when I first moved to Pinner. I was new to the area, so the walks were a great way to find out more about different locations in Harrow.

What is the main aim of the walks?

David: Ultimately the walks are there to make an impact on a person’s health, but there are additional benefits that are not necessarily aims but rather good additions.

What are the walks like and how often do they take place?

David: The walks happen daily and occur at different times and locations all around Harrow. There is a timetable online as well as leaflets in libraries and GPs surgeries. I lead a walk every Thursday in Pinner which lasts about an hour. Other walks have varying lengths and difficulties with the opportunity for yoga at the end.

How are the walks organised?

David: The walks are mainly organised by the trained leaders who have the responsibility of ensuring that the right precautions are taken. This includes a brief questionnaire to ensure you are fit to walk. With the introduction of Rambler Wellbeing Walks, there has been a slight shift to online registration where you must sign up in order to join the walks.

Who would you say is the target demographic?

I wouldn’t say there is a target demographic. The walks have people from various backgrounds, ages and fitness levels, so it’s for everybody. Everyone is welcome, regardless of age and fitness level.

Have you or any of the participants seen any health or wellbeing benefits?

David: Yes. The walks have been very useful not only for physical health but for people’s mental health as well. It is a great way to meet new people, make friends and form a community.

Details about Harrow Health walks in 2023 are available here. It’s important to read the information so that you select a walking level that is right for you. Please speak to your GP if you have any health worries. You don’t need to book ahead for these sessions, but make sure you wear comfortable shoes and turn up 10 minutes before the walk starts.

A groups of people are smiling in an outside space. There are 3 people seated in front of the others. One of these people is David House; he is wearing a hi-vis jacket.

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