Delivering excellent advocacy

21 December 2023

3 Community ConneX staff standing in front of 2 Community ConneX banners. They are holding the QPM certificate.

Our Advocacy 1st service has been awarded the Quality Performance Mark (QPM) for independent advocacy for the next 3 years. The QPM is only given to organisations that can show they provide excellent services in line with QPM standards and the Advocacy Charter.

Quality advocacy

At Advocacy 1st we speak up for you if you are having difficulty with the care or support you get from the NHS or your local council. It’s not always easy to say what is important to you in meetings with social workers or health care professionals, so we make sure you are included in decisions made about you.

About Advocacy 1st

Advocacy 1st is a free service provided by Advocates who specialise in the Care Act, NHS complaints, Mental Capacity Act and the Mental Health Act. Our Advocates make sure your voice is heard.

QPM told us that Advocacy 1st is “a well-run and governed organisation” with a “clear decision-making structure”. We were also praised for the “exceptional” feedback we get from clients. It’s really important for us to have the QPM award because it shows that we have the commitment and ability to provide high-quality advocacy.

Advocacy QPM award logo

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