Celebrating our clients and supporters

04 November 2022

Community ConneX held its Annual Celebration Evening on 29 October. Over 150 clients and supporters enjoyed an evening of presentations, food and dancing at Harrow Leisure Centre.

Welcome back after 3 years

The celebration was kicked off by our clients dancing onto the stage in carnival attire, with the uplifting beat of soca music evoking vibes from Notting Hill Carnival.

Our comperes for the evening were Ally Dawson (Community ConneX Trustee), Simon Clack (Office Assistant) and Deven Pillay (CEO of Community ConneX). They extended a warm welcome to our guests –  whose company we last enjoyed under the same roof in 2019 – and introduced the first video of the evening.

A star is born

What Have We Been Doing? featured Simon presenting a montage of our organisation’s journey through the pandemic to the present day. Following on from Simon’s highly acclaimed screen debut, Ash Verma (Chair of Community ConneX) commended our services for withstanding testing times that saw the closure of other organisations. He stressed that it was because of our supporters and clients we were able to meet the challenges of the pandemic and make a difference in the community.

This was followed by a light-hearted video Who Wants to Countdown to Challenge Community ConneX. Click here to watch the video. Watch What Have We Been Doing? Here.

Thank you to all our friends

Harneck Chilemba (Interim Director of Finance and Resources) took on another interim role for the evening; he worked the crowd as quizmaster extraordinaire and encouraged lively audience participation. Alison Davies (Deputy Chief Executive Officer) was equally exuberant in thanking people who have donated to Community ConneX, enabling us deliver even more person-centred activities.

A video made by Youth ConneX and Together ConneX highlighted their work and celebrated their clients. It showed the positive impact that returning to the centres at Pinner Green and Cedars had on people after lockdown.

Our former Chair, Marie-Louise Nolan, was recognised for her contribution towards Community ConneX: for backing us, guiding us and being instrumental in our success as a multi-faceted organisation.

Eat, drink and Sweet Caroline!

It wouldn’t be a party without a sumptuous buffet (and seconds!), a free bar and music to get you onto the dance floor.

All good things have to come to an end, but there will be plenty more to celebrate over the coming year.

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